Dog Trainers Education and Experience

Friends For Life Dog Training LLC. Trainers Education and Experience

Professional Dog Trainer Dennis Fehling CPDT KA, CBATI, TTouch Practitioner level 1

Professional Dog Trainer Pam Bigoni CNWI

 Professional dog trainer Desiree Seay ABCPDT

Sydney Lisignoli BS in Fish and Wildlife Assistant Nose work Instructor

  • Animal Behavior College Graduate two year training program.
  • CPDT Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • CBATI. Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor First class 2012
  • Aggression and temperament tester and head trainer for the Redmond Oregon humane society 2007-2009
  • Coaching People to train their dog’s workshop with Terry Ryan...August 2-August 16 2009
  • Improve your I-Cue seminar with Kathy Sdao.
  • Helping fearful dog’s seminar with Nicole Wilde.
  • To be Mod or not to be Mod seminar with Pia Silvani.
  • Brave New world of Dog Training seminar with Roger Abrantes.
  • Constructional Aggression Treatment Training workshop with Kellie Snider and Dr Jesus Rosales-Ruiz.
  • Graduate Dogtec professional dog walking academy
  • Aggression and Play seminar with Dr Patricia McConnell PHD.
  • Bat" Behavior Adjustment Training" With Grisha Stewart
  • APDT(association of pet dog trainers) 2009
  • Assistant to George and Alta Tawzer of Tawzer dog training videos
  • Masters Of Behavior Conference Troutdale Oregon
  • Kathy Sdao Unplugged - Hands-on "Think Tank" for Dog Trainers and Advanced Handlers
  • Completed the two year TTouch Practitioner training Program Nov 2010
  • Assistant to Debbie Potts for two day TTouch for you and your dog workshop(Portland, Oregon) 2010
  • Masters Of Behavior Conference Feb  2011
  • Instructor Training Course with Pia Silvani March 2011
  • Canine good citizen evaluator # 76279
  • PetTech first aid Instructor Training Course completed June 2011 Instructor #1647
  • Emily Larlam seminar 101 ways to think outside the box Seattle Washington 2 day seminar
  • Assistant to Lori Stevens Tellington TTouch workshop Seattle Washington.
  • Living with and training a fearful dog with Debbie Jacobs Seattle Washington 2011
  • 2-Day "BATTING 1000: BAT for Dog Reactivity (Fear, Frustration, and Aggression)" With Grisha Stewart.
  • Member of the PPG(pet professionals guild) dedicated to a nonviolent approach to training dogs and humans.
  • Assisting Lori Stevens TTouch Walking in Balance May 19th 2012 one day workshop
  • Attending five day BAT(Behavior Adjustment Training) for dog reactivity Instructors workshop August 20th through 24th 2012
  • Attended Pat Millers Problem behaviors in dogs two day workshop June 9th and 10th 2012
  • Attended Tellington TTouch 3 day advanced training Seminar July 2012 In Vernon BC.
  • Attended "From brain to Bite" an aggression seminar with Chirag Patel in October
  • Became one of the first Certified BAT or Behavior Adjustment Training Instructors in the world. Certified by the founder of BAT Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT(KA) CTP
  • Making the impossible possible seminar with Ken Ramirez.  January 2013
  • Assisting Lori Stevens "Tellington TTouch for Senior dogs" workshop July 2013
  •  Three day Seminar with Dr Ian Dunbar:Development of Social Behavior & Treatment of Fearfulness, Reactivity & Aggression March 15-17th 2013 Portland Oregon
  • Assisting Linda Tellington Jones PHD(Hon) at Tellington TTouch week long training November 2013
  • Attending Dr Susan Friedman's professional course Living & Learning with Animals: The Fundamental Principles and Procedures of Teaching and Learning 8 week course in September 2013.
  • Attended Camp R.E.W.A.R.D for aggressive and reactive dogs. (Realizing Excellence with Attention, Redirection and Desensitization) With Pam Dennison. 
  • Completed Susan Friedmans Living and Learning with animals course November 2013.
  • Attended APDT( association of professional dog trainers) 4 day conference Spokane Wa. 2013
  • Team leader BAT instructors course Seattle Washington August 2014.
  • Attended Susan Friedmans Living and Learning with animals seminar August 2014
  • Attended Clicker Expo Portland Oregon January 2015
  • Stress and Behavior seminar with Anders Hallgren, February 2015 two day seminar Seattle Washington.
  • Attending Suzanne Clothier two day behavior seminar, Oakland California April 2015
  • Assisting Joey Iverson as a team leader 5 day inensive BAT( behavior Adjustment workshop) August 2015
  • Attending Clicker Expo in Reno Nevada in January 2016
  • Attending How to work aggression cases with Micheal Shikashio March 2016. 
  • Priblem solving for reactive behavior in dog with Sarah Fulcher CDBC Richland Washington March 2016.
  • 1. Exploring Dog Sociability, With You as the Scientist
    2. Sociability: Hands-on Science Internship Workshop with Sue Sternberg and Dr. Tim lewis June 2016
  • Clicker Expo Portland oregon January 2017 a three day intensive training workshop
  • Assisting Edie Jane Eaton Tellington TTouch Instructor Portland Oregon April 2017.  Week long Tellington TTouch workshop.
  • Handling problem behaviors and Mistakes human and animals and aggression seminar with ken Ramirez October 2017 at the Karen Pryor Ranch. 
  • Attending a week long interactive workshop by Ken Ramirez at the Karen Pryor Ranch.  This is called " The Ranch Experience" my focus will be on cooperative medical behaviors with animals.
  • Attending and assisting( leash skills) a two day aggression workshop with Grisha Stewaert and Jordan Shelley June 30-July 1st in Eugene Oregon
  • Attending Canine aggression and bite prevention seminar through the Pet professional Guild April 26th -28th 2019
  • Attending The Convergence of Human & Animal Training and Technology 2019" (19 Jul 2019 3:00 PM - 21 Jul 2019 5:00 PM (PDT), Seattle, University of Washington.
  • Professional member of the PPG ( Pet Professional Guild)
  •  Attending a 5 day PPG Summit 2020. Kanab, UT and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.



          Pam Bigoni

  • Completed the Karen Pryor academy for dog trainers September 2010
  • Pet Tech first aid instructor training course completed June 2011 Instructor #1646
  • Completed the instructor training course with Pia Silvani and Trish King November 2011
  • K9 Nose Work ® two day seminar Las Vegas October 2011
  • Enrolled in the K9 Nose Work ® instructors training program.
  • ANWI(associate K9 nose work® instructor
  • Board of directors Redmond Oregon humane society
  • Contributed to the dog walking program at the Redmond Oregon humane society
  • Assistant instructor at Friends for life dog training in Redmond Oregon
  • Retired after 25yrs from Precision Castparts Corp as an Engineer in the Aerospace Industry 2012
  • Certified K9 Nose work® Instructor CNWI
  • Converging odor workshop Febuary 2013
  • Hosted first national K9 Nose work Trial in Bend Oregon September 2013
  • Attending K9 Nose work week long camp in Colorado with the founders of K9 Nose work
  • Attended APDT(association of professional dog trainers) conference Spokane WA. 2013
  • Continuing education for CNWI September 2014.
  • Clicker expo Portland oregon 2017 A three day intensive training workshop


Desiree Seay

Desiree Seay is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), she is also an honors graduate from the Animal Behavioral College (ABC, ABCDT) who has a passion for teaching humans and dogs using humane methods. During her hands-on studies though ABC, she has worked through basic obedience training, behavioral training, shelter dog training, CPR training, private dog training, dog and handler safety, as well as learning the art of effective problem solving. She has also gained experience handling dogs during her time working in and managing dog boarding facilities as well as running her own pet care and training business. From small playful puppies to large dogs. Desiree has handled it all while exhibiting a level of professionalism and skill that only those born with the talent and patience for dog training can do. Desiree is continuously expanding and keeping her training skills up-to-date by studying the Karen Pryor Academy academics and has been mentored by Dennis Fehling during her externship with the Animal Behavioral College. Currently she teaches basic and advanced obedience classes and assists with private behavioral training lessons. She also enjoys teaching tricks classes for both dogs and humans. She also attends workshops and seminars to expand her training toolbox. Her experience also includes workshops on Loose-Leash Training, Dog Body Language, and First Aid Training and has attended the TAGTeach International Convergence of Human & Animal Training and Technology 2019 conference. Though positive training, Desiree has been able to help coach dogs and their humans through basic obedience, behavioral issues, as well as Service Dog training. Desiree aspires to begin a Service Dog training facility in Central Oregon which will be the first of it's kind in the area and offers Service Dog training private lessons. She also volunteers at local humane societies and assists with training shelter dogs. Desiree’s passion for what she does shows in every dog and family she has trained with.

  • Animal Behavor College honors graduate
  • Member of the APDT( association of professional dog trainers)
  • Certified in Pet CPR and first aid
  • Attending the Convergence of Human and Animal Training and Technology July 2019
  • Assistant instructor at Friends for life dog training in Redmond Oregon since 2018



Sydney Lisignoli

I grew up on a farm in Central Oregon and knew early on that I wanted to work with animals. It wasn’t until I was 12 years old when I got my first dog that I realized what kind of animal I wanted to specialize in. I joined BAAD (Bend Agility Action Dogs) in 2008 and at the time I was the youngest handler in the club. I competed with my dog Dandy in agility through middle school and high school. When I went to Oregon State University my goal was to become a conservation detection dog handler. Therefore, I pursued a degree in Fish and Wildlife Science. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring Dandy with me to college, so every spare moment away from schoolwork I spent going on hikes with her around Corvallis.

I graduated in 2016 and moved back to my parent’s farm in Central Oregon. I then began apprenticing under Pam and Dennis at Friends For Life Dog Training to learn more about dog training. After a few months I applied for a position as a conservation detection dog handler for Conservation Canines based in Washington. I was selected to attend a month-long training which then turned into a 3-month position in 2017.  I worked with most of their 17 dogs and went on some exciting projects, ranging from working with their whale scat detection dog in the San Jaun Islands to conducting a search near Crane Prairie reservoir focused on fox scat and various carnivores. When I decided to move back to Central Oregon I started apprenticing under Pam and Dennis again. Since 2017 I have been teaching Nose work classes at Friends For life Dog training as well as assisting with puppy classes with Dennis Fehling and Nose work classes under the helpful guidance of Pam. The greatest part about teaching nose work is seeing each dog connect with their natural abilities and watch the bond grow between handler and dog.

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