Dog Impulse Control Workshop Classes

Dog Impulse Control Workshop Class - I Just Can't Help Myself but I can learn.

You’re probably here either because your dog feels generally a little out of control, or out of control in certain situations. Perhaps you have a social butterfly that loves to say hello but does it by jumping on everyone she meets. Or maybe you have an enthusiastic door dasher. Maybe your dog has trouble remembering what the word “Sit” means. Or perhaps it just feels like everything in the world catches her attention more easily than you can. In short, if you sometimes feel like you live with a four-legged teenager that acts first and thinks later, good news: These behaviors are annoying and difficult to deal with, but they generally mean you’ve got a dog that can’t wait to be trained. Smart dogs with lots of energy can do great things when that energy is redirected.
This one session class for only $35.00 will give you all the necessary tools to teach you’re overactive dog better manners.  If your dog is a jumper, or a very excitable greeter,  this class is perfect for you.  If your dog is a barker, we will teach you the necessary tools to “catch your dog getting it right before they have a chance to get it wrong.  Let us help you enjoy your dog more with positive training that works. Krissy Black Hilmes is your instructor.  We will be offering this class soon so please check back for dates and times.


Session Summary
This one-session course centers around building a solid sit-with-release (essentially an informal sit-stay) in the face of various real-life distractions, in order to give you a reliable behavior to use for building impulse control. We work on the proofing process with exercises around food, the food bowl, door dashing, various people/dog/object/movement distractions, and then finally work on polite ways to greet new people.

Note: Don’t worry if your dog already has a sit; the class will be a terrific proofing and application opportunity for anyone who has already done some training no matter what level from basic to advanced. It is also designed to accommodate students and dogs attending class for the first time. The exercises are designed to be tackled from whatever experience & skill level you and your dog have.  We love them all.


Dog Impulse Control Workshop class is a 1 session workshop with a cost of $35.00.  *If you are a returning student from our basic manners class and you enroll in or intermediate dog class you receive a 10% discount. Contact us for class times and orientation schedule.

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