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On and off leash aggression workshop.  Saturday September 10th at 3 pm


Friends For Life Dog Training.



2450 Se 1st Redmond Oregon.


On Leash and off aggression can be a very serious behavior for dog's and people.  It looks very scary and can in some cases lead to the dog being rehomed or even worse.  Learn some very effective tools for helping these dogs through teaching alternative behaviors that work for the dogs just as well as the barking an lunging. Learn the effective use of food and other life rewards in training as well as some very easily implememted leash skills that can change your dogs life for the better.  The dog above was a living example of how positive training and patience works in working with aggression both on an off leash.  Meika helped many other dogs overcome their fear of dogs that she became a great ambassador not only for her breed but for positive training as well.


Here is what you will learn in this workshop and hands on demonstration with live dogs.

1. The effective use of Classical conditioning and Desensitization in treating on leash and off leash aggression

2. How the propper use of a leash and harness can really make a huge difference in your dogs life

3. How to use food and other rewards effectively

4. How using punishment can make things much worse

5. Emergency skills when it all goes wrong and when life just happens. 

6.  It's ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. 

7. How to control the environment for success.

Cost for this two hour workshop is 35.00.  We accept checks, cash and credit cards.

This is a non dog event so please do not bring your dog.