Friends For Life Workshop Classes

Dog Behavior Training Does your dog pull on the leash, jump on you, bark too much or have problems grooming and trimming nails?

Donít get frustrated, come join us and learn positive training techniques that are both fun and effective!

Friends For Life Dog Training LLC. Workshop Classes. Dog Leash Pulling,Dog nail trimming, Dog Jumping and Excessive Barking Solutions.

Sign up for either our puppy training class basic manners classes or our adult dog basic manners class and receive a free workshop on nail trimming, leash pulling, jumping, excessive barking or an introduction to Tellington TTouch.

Nail trimming workshop:
This can be a huge issue for many dogs as this is not something that most dogs like to do.  At one time or another our dogs will have to have their nails trimmed and this workshop can teach you effective positive ways of doing this very necessary grooming task. We will teach you how to have your dog actually look forward to getting their nails trimmed. This does not have to be a struggle and can save you time and money  by doing this yourself. Cost is $15.00 Please call to register @ 541-350-2869. Bring your own nail clippers available at any pet store for around $10-$20.  Also bring a favorite blanket and very good treats for your dog.  Milk bones will ot do here.  Chicken, liver treats, hotdogs will do just fine.

Leash Pulling Workshop:
Letís face it we humans move way to slow for our canine companions and usually we give up on teaching our dogs to walk nicely when on leash.  The walk should be an enjoyable activity for both humans and dogs and usually ends being a stressful event that you or your dog does not look forward to.  We will teach you some very easy to follow tips on teaching your dog or new puppy to behave while on the walk.  We do not use choke chains or prong collars as this can not only harm your dog but can actually cause aggressive behavior in your dog.  We carry a great assortment of harnesses that can really help you enjoy your time out with your dog.  Let us help you take the pull out of the walk.

Dog Jumping:
This dog behavior has caused more dogs to end up in the shelters or rescues than just about any other as people just get so frustrated with their dogs jumping not only on them but friends, when guest come over or knocking down small children.  This can also be a very dangerous behavior for our senior citizens when large dogs knock them down usually because the dog gets so excited to see them.  If you have ever told your dog off or stop it and yelled at your dog and see that this just is not working, well we have some very good tips and tricks to help your dog keep his/her feet on the ground.  We can actually teach you through positive training methods that really work. Yes you can actually look forward to having guest over and not have to worry that your dog will maul them with excitement.  

Excessive Barking:
Most barking is the result of boredom, lack of exercise or excitement and can be a very annoying habit for our dogs.  Barking works for dogs on so many levels no wonder they get so good at it.  Let us show you how to help with unwanted barking whether itís someone at the door or just because your dog is bored and needs a job to do.  We have been told that most of the dogs that graduate from our puppy classes and adult dog classes do very well at not barking.